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Homo Decor Tips: Painted Cloud Wall

Ever wanted to paint a cloud wall in your home? This might help?

Today I published my third Youtube video, about painting a cloud wall in my crafting loft. And yes, as glaringly homosexual as that is, I have a crafting loft.

Before you read me like a book, I will admit that unless you're a talented artist, it will probably be super hard to achieve this effect. But that shouldn't stop you from trying! After all, we are all stuck indoors, staring at our walls, so we might as well paint them!

Here are some actual tips and tricks that might help:

1. Buy orange painters tape. It's better than blue. This is true of painters tape, but NOT POLITICS.

2. Its all about balance, so if you get too much paint in one area, just balance it out in another area. Keep going until it looks cutesy, or you have to paint over it and start fresh.

3. If you can get a painting sponge, it'll be way easier than doing it by hand like I did. Here's a link to a variety pack at Michaels (don't you dare purchase from them without using a 40% coupon, it's in the bible of homosexuality):

4. Be as gentle as you can with the strokes. This goes for both painting cloud walls, and fucking in the butt.

Anyway. I hope you enjoy the video. I'm having a blast making them!


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