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Sugarplum: Photoshoot with Electric Elaine for Abraxas

Recently, I had the awesome opportunity to collaborate with Abraxas Collective in the Santa Fe Art District, and Electric Elaine, an amazing tattoo/makeup artist/fire dancer/painter.

She's another one of those artists that are really easy to shoot- she just falls right into stunting lewks as if she walked out of the birthing room with a trail of papparazzi. She's also very down to Earth and friendly, so check out her Instagram!

The furs are vintage by Felony Fashions @FelonyFashions, and the fashion is by Pulse of Prophets, a Denver-based company that collaborates with indie artists (in this instance, @dsqise to create wearable masterpieces.

Jewelry is by Sandy Beck and Blissful Sol, and arm warmers by Wings Unseen (all available at Abraxas).

And if you need an amazing tattoo any time soon, Elaine is fully booked until April (when she does one for me), but her work is well worth the wait.

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