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Sexy Clowns: The Original Enter the Reveries #Inspo

Enter the Reveries all started with a random drunken photoshoot.

A lot of people (3 people) have asked me where the original inspiration for Enter the Reveries came from. That's a tricky question, since as a crazy artist, my inspiration comes from everywhere, (from my lack of a father figure, to the dreams I have when I ).

If I had to pinpoint an occasion though, it would be a drunken clown photoshoot we did, way back when I lived in the Financial District in New York.

My bestie Nicky worked for Swatch at the time, and one day he brought home bags full of clown accessories left over from an event.

Being Level 5 Homosexuals, we obviously used the opportunity to do a drunken photoshoot. Those pictures inspired characters, and those characters eventually came to life.

Jason's green wigged character inspired a main character named Toxic. My pink wigged character became a side character named Brujo.

My ultimate goal was to prove that clowns can be sexy too. Or at the very least, thirsty.

Regardless of whether these pics make you want to flick your b-hole, or run screaming in terror, here are the original photos that inspired our mobile game, Enter the Reveries!

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