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Pilates in Heels: Photoshoot with Bryce Gruber and Ariston Anderson in American Apparel

Because everyone does pilates in heels?

One of my favorite things about living in New York is how completely random photoshoots are never more than a click away. For instance, shooting two gorgeous writers, in a pilates studio that resembles a 1950's muscle gym, while wearing heels, on a cold New York winter night.

I was asked to do this shoot by my good friend Bryce for her website TheLuxurySpot.com. She teamed up with writer and friend Ariston Anderson, and they wore clothes by American Apparel (some of which I still have), shoes by Chinese Laundry and Pelle Moda, jewelry by PONO by Joan Goodman, and styling by Jeremy Jankowski.

The pics got some internet love on The Luxury Hub and A Blog About Things, and my hand to god, I still have a pair of green velvet legging stirrup pants that remind me of my late mom (RIP).

We ended up making a series of the photoshoots, with pics from 'Golfing in Heels' and 'Weightlifting in Heels' forthcoming!

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