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Monique Leshman Accessories: Photoshoot with Nadia Evangelina

Fashion and accessories designer Monique Leshman was one of my favorite clients from my days in New York, whether we were going on fashion dumpster dives in her warehouse, or sorting through thousands of glittery accessories in need of a good photo.

She basically single-handedly brought caftans to the United States back in the day, and has built an awesome business selling gorgeous affordable accessories, all while still hitting the streets of Soho every weekend as one of New York City's staple street vendors.

Nadia and I did this shoot a few years ago in Monique's awesome Soho apartment in lower Manhattan. All I can say, is that it was a visual orgy of gorgeous accessories, and Nadia rocked them all, at the same time.

Check out Monique's website here! She has dressed all kinds of people and celebrities, most notably, muthafuckin Beyonce for the cover of Self Magazine.

Need a style update with summer on the way? Check out MoniqueLeshman.com, and tell her Gary sent you, lol.

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