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Adrian Rand T-Shirt Photoshoot

Wrath, on Joe

So funny story, back when I lived in Tampa I decided to hand-draw t-shirts with fabric markers and colored sharpies. This led to a few t-shirt sales, a shit-ton of really fun photoshoots, and even two fashion shows held at The Ritz Ybor City.

I did this under a designer name 'Adrian Rand', which is really just the middle part of my actual name, but the name I always use for fashion-related projects.

I intend to return to this endeavor one day, as wearable art is the future of fashion, according to me.

If you're an artist, don't ever let anyone tell you not to create art, even if it makes an enemy out of washing machines everywhere.

The shirt designs were inspired by the seven deadly sins and the elements.

Pretty cool for a hometown homo on a drug-store sharpie budget.

And yes, that is a MUCH younger, photoshopped version of me at the bottom.

Lust, on Angel

Gluttony, on Blue

Sloth, on Josh

Greed, on Allison

Vanity, on Topher

Envy, on Bethany

Earth, on Jesse

Fire, on Gary lol

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"It is the artist's duty to reflect the times"

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