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The Sunshine Pimp: Photoshoot with Cody Buck

Cody Buck for Abraxas Collective

I'll say it so you don't have to. I didn't have no daddy around when I was growing up, obviously, because the thought of a hippy gankster ginger pimp has me kegle-ing so hard my face is going to cave in.

These pics are from an awesome photoshoot collaboration I did for the Abraxas Collective, which is a specialty clothing store, inside of an art gallery, inside of an event venue, wrapped up in an acid trip, on another planet, in the Santa Fe Art District of Denver. I don't know how else to explain it--their URL is literally But in all seres, you should check it out.

The otherworldy, interdimensional background art is by artist Chad Kell @ChadKellConcepts. It was pointed out to me that his paintings are the tits on ice whether you look at them vertically, horizontally, upside-down, or inside out and quite frankly, I am inclined to agree. He gave me an entirely new universe to shoot in. What more could you want in an artistic collaboration?

The furs are vintage by Felony Fashions @FelonyFashions, and the tank is by Pulse of Prophets, a Denver-based company that collaborates with indie artists, using a dip-dying method to literally create wearable art. The artist is Pharoah One @Pher01, the hat is Oak and Marble.

The Model who helped me realize all my ginger pimp fantasies is Cody Buck, who later bitch-slapped me and told me to get my discount ass back on the streets to make him some money.

Overall, a great day.

Cody Buck for Abraxas Collective

Cody Buck for Abraxas Collective

Cody Buck for Abraxas Collective

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